Pakenham Criminal Lawyers

Criminal Lawyers in Pakenham

Pakenham Criminal Lawyers provide strong legal representation and sound legal advice for criminal law matters. We understand the stress that criminal law proceedings bring with the prospects of a range of penalties, some of which can include imprisonment, fines, and community correction orders.

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Our Criminal Defence Approach

Our Pakenham Criminal Lawyers are experienced at investigating the evidence against you and determining your prospects at a successful defence.  We understand the unfairness and indignity that comes with criminal charges where you have no committed the crimes alleged.

Our team understands that you need a flexible approach to your legal services.  We respect each of our client’s needs and we welcome:​

  1. Meetings in our Lonsdale Street office;
  2. Meetings at your office or home;
  3. Phone meetings if you cannot make it to our office;
  4. Video conferences if you cannot make it to our office; and
  5. Online legal services.

We can assist you out of normal hours as well as during our regular business hours.

Our Pakenham team will help you to get through your legal matter with as little stress and hassle as possible.  Please let our team know how you prefer to have your legal services delivered.


Why My Legal Crunch’s Criminal Lawyers in Pakenham?

  • Our criminal lawyers that a proactive approach and strong defence.  We will explain the charges that have been brought against you, what elements of the charges must be proven against you by the police, what obligations and duties the police have in the circumstances and whether these have been met.
  • Our criminal lawyers will make a full assessment of your defence options.  Our legal advice also includes an ongoing assessment of your circumstances.  We consider and help you mitigate the range of possible consequences you may face if you plead guilty to the charges or if you are found guilty of any charges.
  • We can assist you with bail applications, conducting pleas, appearing in court, and contested hearings.
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Our Pakenham criminal lawyers appear in the following courts:

  • Frankston Magistrates Court
  • Dandenong Magistrates Court
  • Bairnsdale Magistrates Court
  • Latrobe Valley Magistrates Court
  • Ringwood Magistrates Court
  • Melbourne Magistrates Court
  • Melbourne County Court
  • Melbourne Supreme Court

We also appear in other Courts throughout Victoria.

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Meet the Team

Michael Rodrigues


Michael represents matters related to Family, Criminal, Corporate, and Employment Law. He is a skilled negotiator and advocate who have helped numerous clients.

Joe Mansour


Joe’s experience ranges from Traffic, Administrative, Civil and Family Law to Summary Criminal Offenses and Government legislative appeals.

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