Drink Driving Charges

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If you are facing a drink driving charge we recommend that you speak with one of our drink driving lawyers so you get qualified legal advice without delay.  A drink driving charge is serious and can have a range of impacts on your personal and professional life.  Drink driving is taken very seriously and can lead to suspension or loss of license, fines and even imprisonment.

If you have been charged for drink driving and this is not your first drink driving charge, then you may face a sentence carrying disqualification of your license and a period of imprisonment.  If this is your first charge, you can still be sentenced to a period of imprisonment.  In the case that you are convicted of drink driving, you may lose your license.  You should consider what changes you will need to make if you are no longer lawfully able to drive your vehicle.  When you are lawfully able to drive again you may need to pay to have an interlock device installed in your car.

Making the Best of Things

Our DUI lawyers are here to help you clear things up. We will ensure the police have done their job and that the charges against you have proper grounds. We will provide you with straightforward legal advice about your options and the penalties you face. If you plead guilty to a DUI charge, we will address the many factors that can be considered during sentencing to help reduce the penalties you face. If you plead not-guilty because you have a lawful defence, we will defend you. Anything you say to our lawyers is protected by professional legal privilege and is confidential and cannot be used against you. By being upfront with your lawyer we can give you the best qualified legal advice to make the best of the situation you are in. Call a DUI lawyer today on 0485 872 417.

If you drove while being over the blood alcohol limit and have been charged with drink driving and you do not have a reasonable excuse for doing so, the best approach is to be honest and consider changes that you need to make in your life. This might include addressing any alcoholism issues, attending a course for drink driving, installing an interlock device into your car, planning better and lifestyle changes. In addressing these issues, you can make a positive change in your life.

Drink Driving Charges and Your Defence

Our aim is to help you keep your license if possible or if this is not possible to reduce the period of license suspension and get you back driving lawfully as soon as possible. If you are facing imprisonment or a more serious outcome because of a higher blood alcohol reading or you have been found guilty of drink driving previously, we will provide you with a robust defence to try and keep you out of prison and reduce the severity of any fines you face.

Having a lawyer who knows drink driving laws and who knows what factors a Court considers during sentencing can make a big difference in your defence and the outcome of a drink driving hearing. That’s why you should speak to one of our drink driving defence lawyers who know about driving under the influence charges so we can start preparing your defence.

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