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Do you have a legal issue and need a lawyer in Blacktown? My Legal Crunch lawyers can help.

Our team of lawyers has over 20 years of combined experience and the resources to serve not only Blacktown, but all of New South Wales and Australia. My Legal Crunch has four main offices that are located in SydneyMelbournePerth, and Brisbane as well meeting rooms in surrounding areas where our lawyers can provide legal services.

My Legal Crunch’s lawyers are highly skilled in Australian law and can help you resolve cases related to family law, criminal law, employment law, wills, probate & estate law, commercial law, and mediation. Our lawyers are here to help you by providing professional and affordable legal solutions that represent your best interests both in and out of court.

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The New South Wales head office is located at Level 45, 680 George Street, Sydney, New South Wales 2000 and open from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

The information provided below is general in nature, does not contemplate all scenarios, does not consider your personal circumstances, and should not be taken as legal advice. 

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My Legal Crunch Services in Blacktown Include:

Family Law

Our Blacktown Lawyers are well versed in Australian Family Law and will help you navigate the complexities of both your unique family dynamics and the family law system. Our lawyers in Blacktown understand the sensitive nature of such cases and will represent you and your family’s best interests as well as keep costs down by preventing court actions as much as possible. Our lawyers are esteemed members of the Australian Law Society and are fully equipped to represent their clients in the Australian Family Law Courts if the need arises.

Our lawyers in Blacktown NSW can provide family law solutions for: divorceseparationfinancial agreementsfinancial mattersprenuptial agreementsdecree of nullityproperty settlementchild custodyconsent ordersintervention orders, and domestic violence.

For further information on Australian family law and the courts check out this page.

For general information on Australian family law and the different levels of government that may be responsible for certain family laws check out this page.

Criminal Law

Whether you have committed or been charged with, accused of, or questioned for committing a crime in Blacktown, early assistance by one of our criminal defense lawyers is crucial. Prompt legal assistance ensures the law is applied fairly and in some cases prevents the wrongful conviction of innocent people. When you engage in our criminal defense services, we can begin dealing with the courts, organizing police and prosecution services on your behalf, attending police interviews with you, attending court hearings, and conducting investigations into any allegations made against you.

My Legal Crunch’s Blacktown Criminal Lawyers will undertake a full review of your criminal law matter and will provide advice on obtaining an acquittal. In the case where you admit to the crime, our lawyers will try to achieve the best results they can on your behalf, which may include negotiating a reduction in your charge, assisting to minimize any potential penalties, and providing you with suggestions for any remedial action you can take to improve your circumstances. In the case of sentencing, we will provide you with information about the possible consequences, appear before the court at your sentencing hearing, and inform the court of your good deeds and personal circumstances such as caring duties, employment, charitable acts and your positive contributions to society.

Our Blacktown Criminal lawyers can assist with: criminal court hearings, bail applications, speeding matters, drink driving, careless and dangerous driving, traffic offences, drug offences, fraud, theft offences, assault charges, sexual offences, and Breach of Court Orders.

Employment Law

No matter where you may be in your job or career, our lawyers can offer you professional employment law advice to maintain fair working relationships between you and your employer. If you feel that you are not being treated fairly in the workplace, our employment lawyers will help you understand your rights as either an employee or employer and help you find a solution. If you are unclear on whether or not you have an employee/employer relationship, our lawyers will also be able to help with that.

Our lawyers in Blacktown can assist with: employee rights, employer rights, workplace disputes, drafting employment contracts, employment awards, workplace entitlements, redundancy, dismissal, unfair dismissal, adverse action, and workplace discrimination and/or harassment.

Wills, Probates, and Estate Law

Plan your future, protect your assets, and prevent estate disputes by drafting a Will and planning your estate with our qualified Will and estate lawyers. Both of these processes will provide you and your family members with peace of mind knowing that there has been a plan put into place.

In the event that you can no longer make decisions for yourself or are unable to direct your own affairs, our estate lawyers are also adept in Powers of Attorney and Guardianship laws.

Estate law is complex and often requires the advice of a professional, and our lawyers are more than happy to offer their expertise and help you navigate estate law in New South Wales.


In the event that a person has died, our Will and estate lawyers will validate the existence or non-existence of a person’s Will and will legally resolve disputes that may arise in either situation. Estate law is complex and involves many steps that start with validating the Will, also known as Probate, to distributing the property in the estate, which is known as administering the estate, and then finally applying for a Grant of Probate in order to finalize the assets and any outstanding debts of a deceased person.

In the event that a deceased person nominated an “executor” on their will then that person will carry out the instructions of their Will. In this situation, our probate lawyers will work primarily with the executor. While an executor can apply for a Grant of Probate that is provided by the Supreme Court, approximately 95% of applications are completed by a probate lawyer on behalf of the executor. This is due to the fact that the application process for a Grant of Probate can be difficult, and having a lawyer complete the application avoids other family member misconduct. Once a Grant of Probate has been completed, the executor has the authority to deal with the estate but are held liable for any losses to the estate. This is another situation where our Probate Lawyers can provide expert advice on administering the estate. No matter what your unique situation is and if you only require assistance with one or all parts of the process, our estate lawyers are more than happy to help.

Apply online for your Probate here.  Your probate will be managed by one of our experienced Probate Lawyers.  There are no obligations or legal fees payable until we have spoken to you and we have agreed in writing on the price for your Probate Application.

Letters of Administration

In the event that a person dies without leaving a Will, the spouse or family member of the deceased will need to apply to the Supreme Court to be granted the power to administer the estate of the deceased. Further information on this process can be found here.

Commercial Law

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to build a strong business reputation in Blacktown or a corporate executive officer being faced with a company liability, our trusted commercial lawyers will provide you with professional advice and efficient legal solutions. Our experienced business lawyers are here to help you navigate the complexities of your particular type of business and the laws that govern them.

Consumer Law

Australian Consumer Law is extensive and our lawyers are here to help you navigate the legislation to ensure healthy business practices and transactions. Our lawyers are fully aware of Australian Consumer Law and how it involves laws that apply to trade or commerce between businesses and laws that apply to consumers only. When reviewing your particular business structure, our lawyers know how vital these laws are and will provide you with the legal advice necessary to prevent severe penalties and a poor reputation. For a list of common areas governed by the Australian Consumer Law, check out this page.

Our lawyers will also ensure that your particular business structure follows the Australian Consumer Law on consumer-specific laws such as special statutory guarantees. For further information on special regulatory guarantees check out this page here.

Australian Consumer Law also regulates businesses and traders who provide a standard form contract. In the event that you were presented with a contract with unfair terms, our lawyers are fully equipped to help resolve any resulting conflicts. Check out this page for a list of unfair terms in a contract that you may be facing.

Australian Consumer Law can be complex and regulates many aspects of business and trade.  Harsh penalties, damages, and liabilities can occur when Australian Consumer Law is breached and My Legal Crunch commercial lawyers are here to help you prevent that from happening.

Corporate Law

Company structures are complex and our corporate lawyers are here to advise you on the requirements of running a strong business. For a full list of our corporate legal services, check out this page.

Our corporate lawyers understand that being a director or executive officer responsible for running a corporation requires broad-based knowledge, discipline, leadership, and strategy.  Directors and executive officers have to deal with difficult scenarios and unusual circumstances on a regular basis.  Not managing a situation correctly can lead to poor company performance, a bad reputation, shareholder reprisal, company liability, and potential criminal or civil prosecution.

Whether you require general companies legal advice, legal advice on the legality of a transaction, legal advice about an executive office holder, executive meetings, annual general meetings, directors disputes, assistance with a breach of directors duties, legal advice about employment law, civil or criminal liability our corporate lawyers can help you.  Our business lawyers can provide you with strategic and result-orientated legal advice.

Corporate Insolvency

If you currently facing financial distress and are on the brink of insolvency, prompt legal action with one our expert insolvency lawyers is recommended in order to minimize the issue and/or save your business. Our business lawyers will carefully undergo a complete assessment of your financial position and offer honest legal advice and professional solutions. For further information on insolvency and what that entails check out this page.

Other Areas of Commercial Law

Our business lawyers in Blacktown can also assist with: debt recovery and collectionbusiness structures, and business acquisition and sales.


Quickly resolve conflict and arrive at a solution outside of the judicial system with one of our mediators. For more information on our mediation services check out this page here.


Besides Blacktown, My Legal Crunch New South Wales Services Are Also Available In:

Albury, Balmain, Bondi Junction, Botany, Canterbury, Camden, Castle Hill, Castlereagh, Central Coast,  Cessnock, Chatswood, Coffs Harbour, Dubbo, Fairfield, Frenchs Forest, Gosford, Hornsby, Liverpool, Maitland, Miranda, Mount Annan, Newcastle and Surrounding Areas, Parklea, Parramatta, Penrith, Prestons, Pyrmont, Quakers Hill, Richmond, Riverstone, Rockdale, Rouse Hill, Ryde, Surry Hills, Sutherland, Sydney, Tweed, Wollongong, Ultimo and the rest of New South Wales.

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Our Flexible Approach

Our team understands that you need a flexible approach to your legal services.  We respect each of our client’s needs and we welcome:​

  1. Meetings in our office;
  2. Meetings at your office or home;
  3. Phone meetings if you cannot make it to our office;
  4. Video conferences if you cannot make it to our office; and
  5. Online legal services.

We can assist you out of normal hours as well as during our regular business hours.

Our team will help you to get through your legal matter with as little stress and hassle as possible.  Please let our team know how you prefer to have your legal services delivered.


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Lee Oreilly
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Paul Reid
I have found my legal crunch to be exceedingly caring and professional and their work to be extremely thorough and diligent. They have always been happy to help and provide advice. And Wether my case will succeed or not I would happily recommend this firm to anyone who may be seeking advice or representation
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ekaterina zazubina
Professionalism, compassion, bravery, honesty and unbiased legal advice I received from this excellent team ( Veronica Toth, Michael Rodriquez and Scott Moon) who guided me trough a very complicated family matter. I felt confident in disclosing my personal information without a fear of being judged, I felt kindly supported and always had any technical legal matter explained in the way it was easy to understand. I strongly recommend this team to anyone requiring truly human and conscientious approach to a legal matter.
I googled many lawyers and read all reviews as most will. I was so confused. Reading through my legal crunch lawyers review was some what different from the test. I was right, when I made my initial enquiry by phone I felt that someone was actually listening. The conversation was very professional and One of the solicitors named Anne was so nice and down to earth. She quoted me for the service that was required and was firm with initial verbal quotation. When I had other quotes from other firms it was extremely scary as I kept getting told the quote may Increase considerably. That was the last thing I needed. My requested service was finalised with no hassles what so ever. Amazing how I didn’t have to call at all for any updates as i was called and updated by Anne Mark or Michael from the office. The fees was amazingly reasonable and no hidden increases. It was all done on line I didn’t have to even visit their office. That’s what I call professionalism. I have no hesitation what so ever to recommend this wonderful caring team. Thanks to all at my legal crunch lawyers.

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