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We are here to help you get a quick resolution through mediation. We offer mediation online through videoconferencing during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 to ensure that all parties stay safe and for your overall wellbeing. If you would like to know if your matter can be considered for mediation, contact My Legal Crunch Lawyers, we can assist you in resolving disputes through mediation.

Mediation is a service that is provided by a third party to help reduce differences or to arrive at a solution. It is an intervention between conflicting parties to promote reconciliation, settlement, or compromise as a means of resolving disputes outside of the judicial system. Mediation is a negotiation process that is set up with an independent person (mediator). The job of a mediator is to help the parties involved to identify and review their options so as to negotiate an agreement to bring a resolution to their dispute. It can be looked upon as an alternative to having a judge make a decision on your dispute.

Mediation can be applied to any case, regardless of the number of parties involved. If the following is applicable to your circumstance, then mediation can be considered:


  • Willing to participate in mediation
  • Where there is a possibility that a judge’s decision will not provide a resolution to the dispute
  • If you are looking for a way to preserve your relationship with the other party
  • If non-monetary factors are included
  • Where you think a negotiated outcome is going to be better than a judge’s decision
There are many benefits to mediation, these include:

  • Time – case can be resolved more quickly
  • Cost – less costly, no need to prepare and participate in a trial
  • Flexibility – more control over the matter
  • Less Stress – a less formal process
  • Confidentiality – kept private. The judge is not informed nor can the contents be used against you if it goes to trial
  • More Satisfaction – you can decide and agree to the outcome
  • Closure – settlement cannot be modified unless agreed by all parties

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