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Fantastic friendly service

Fantastic friendly service, always come back to you in timely manner. overall just great.

-Nathan Levacsics

Nathan Levacsics

Ethical and high quality legal service

Michael and the team at My Legal Crunch Lawyers went above and beyond with their service and professionalism during our matter. Michael provided valuable advice and strategies and took the time to explain complex legal scenarios. They were efficient with time management and the care and consideration I received from My Legal Crunch Lawyers was second to none. I highly recommend them to anyone needing an ethical and high quality legal service.

-Louis Van Wyk

Louis Van Wyk

Mediation; Empathetic and understanding

The team are very quick and professional about getting the process of Mediation rolling, and were empathetic and understanding to everyone’s concerns. Highly recommend them.

Signed, Ross Thomas

Ross Thomas

Mediation; He made me feel welcomed

Michael was amazing and allowed both parties to speak openly. He made me feel welcomed.

Signed, Vasiliki Stallard.

Vasiliki Stallard

Efficient and professional in there work

My Legal Crunch lawyers were fantastic, they are efficient and professional in there work. Especially Michael and Vesna. There empathy and dealing with my emotional state was truly appreciated Highly recommended

Signed, Sylvia Kurtze

Sylvia Kurtze

Mediation; FDR session

Michael is very calm and always try his best to listen and also creating the comfort to us in handling the situation. He is staying neutral and not even trying to sided anyone at all. Very recommended service, even though my case has no output from FDR session.

Signed, Felix Tan

Felix Tan

Knowledgeable in a very complex legal matter

I found Michael and his team to be highly professional and knowledgeable in a very complex legal matter presenting various options and strategies along the way that were explained fully. This was the first legal team that I had encountered that really cared about the outcome for their client as if it were their own, showed empathy, and fought every step of the way. Michael was always available after hours and on weekends as was the barrister Scott Moon to expedite timelines and optimal outcomes. I highly recommend the team at My Legal Crunch and am so grateful for their exceptional service in our time of need.
Signed, Leanne Denman
Leanne Denman

Professional legal service

Michael R. is highly professional and an honour to work with. He is patient and explains legal systems in detail. His knowledge and expertise enabled us to conclude our family matters with the best outcome in our favour. Thank you Michael and team.

Mary Joy

Helpful and supportive through the whole process

Highly recommend the team at my legal crunch having a recent legal issue michael and team were very helpful and supportive through the whole process and work very hard and tirelessly to achieve a successful outcome. Thank you team at legal crunch lawyers.

Signed- Cameron Deane

Cameron Deane

Awesome honest advice

Awesome honest advice from the very start. Even before paying anything. Thank you for settimg me on the correct path.


Perth Mad Man Team