Business Acquisition and Sales

Business Purchase, Business Sale, and Due Diligence

My Legal Crunch Commercial Lawyers can assist you with business purchase and business acquisitions, or with selling your business.  We can help you protect yourself when it comes time to enter into a sales contract. Both buyers and sellers have responsibilities and obligations to the other. If these responsibilities and obligations are not fulfilled the damage, delay and liability can be substantial.

Whether you are buying or selling your business, misunderstandings can cause delay, costs, and litigation. Our Commercial Lawyers can ensure that as a seller you are covered by warranties and as a buyer that the warranties you offer are fair and reasonable.

Having an experienced guiding hand to ensure all possible contingencies are covered and that there are no surprises down the track can be priceless. Engaging My Legal Crunch Commercial Lawyers early on is important to ensure pre-contractual due-diligence is undertaken. This will help you to determine whether the business acquisition or sale is in-line with your expectations and can help you save big in the long run.

Selling a business or acquiring a business can be fraught with traps.  Understanding exactly what you are selling and exactly what you are buying is important to your bottom line. A mistake could even affect the viability of a transaction or entire business operation.

Selling a business or acquiring a business involve many legal issues such as contracts, distribution, suppliers, staff, employee liabilities, company liabilities, business liabilities including future liabilities such as warranty claims, safety issues, guarantees, consumer law, indemnities, securities, leases, intellectual property, goodwill, fixtures, licenses, agency, insurance and compensation claims.

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