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My Legal Crunch’s Family Lawyers Sydney will uphold the best interests of your child.

My Legal Crunch’s lawyers are experienced in not only child custody laws, but all Australian family law matters. Our team of lawyers has over 20 years of combined experience and the resources to serve not only Sydney, but all of Australia. My Legal Crunch has four main offices that are located in SydneyMelbournePerth, and Brisbane as well meeting rooms in surrounding areas where our lawyers can provide legal services.

Negotiating child custody arrangements after parent separation or divorce can be very challenging and makes for complex cases that often require a family lawyer. Our lawyers understand the sensitive nature of child custody and will support you in finding a resolution that is focused on the best interest of the child.

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My Legal Crunch’s Approach to Child Custody

According to the Family Court of Australia, “It is the expectation of the Court that people involved in family law disputes will only make an application to the Court when there is no other readily available means of resolving their dispute”. With that expectation, our child custody lawyers prefer to take a collaborative and amicable approach by encouraging alternate dispute resolution (ADR) first when appropriate. This type of resolution can be achieved through negotiation, conciliation, mediation (Family Dispute Resolution), and arbitration. If you are not sure what ADR path you should take, our experienced child custody lawyers can help you decide what is best for you. Further information on the types of alternate dispute resolutions can be found here.


Child Custody Considerations as a Parent in Sydney

Separated parents are encouraged by Australian Family Law to settle matters that concern their children swiftly, resolve any parental conflict and come up with a suitable parenting arrangement, always consider the best interest of the children as the paramount issue, and use the family law system as the last option in resolving child conflict.

After a separation or divorce, there are many considerations that have to be made as a parent, which include:

  • age of your children
  • where your children will live
  • establishing a consistent routine
  • allowing for changes in the routine (i.e. family vacation)
  • time divided between each parent
  • how time will be spent with other significant family members such as grandparents
  • parental supervision after school
  • where they will spend holidays and special days like birthdays
  • choice of school, health care, extra-curricular activities, and religion


Child Arrangement Documents In and Out of Court

Once you and your former spouse or partner have considered your child arrangements and have decided to formalize the arrangements in writing, then it’s time to reach out to one of our child custody lawyers. Until you speak with one of lawyers, the following information will provide you with brief information on child arrangement documents and what they may mean for you.

In the event that you and your former spouse are able to agree on child arrangements, then you can write:

  1. A parenting plan: a voluntarily written document that outlines your child arrangements without having to attend court. The plan has been agreed between you and your former spouse or partner and is not a legally enforceable agreement.
  2. Consent orders: a written document that outlines your child arrangements which is approved by the court. According to the Family Court of Australia, the “Consent orders have the same legal effect as if they had been made by a judicial officer after a court hearing. The Court must be satisfied that the orders you ask for are in the best interest of the child.”

In the event that you cannot agree on your child’s arrangements and court cannot be prevented:

  1. Parenting order: the court outlines your child arrangements on your behalf and will always uphold the best interests of your children as stated under the Family Law Act of 1975. Before you can apply to court for a parenting order, you are required to attend pre-court procedures. Resolving child custody disputes pre-court is often less time consuming, more affordable, and involves both parties which makes it more efficient than attending court. If there is a history of family violence or child abuse then it would not be appropriate to attend a family dispute resolution service.


Other Resources

For further information on parenting, child access, and custody rights check out this My Legal Crunch page here.


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Our Flexible Approach

Our team understands that you need a flexible approach to your legal services.  We respect each of our client’s needs and we welcome:​

  1. Meetings in our office;
  2. Meetings at your office or home;
  3. Phone meetings if you cannot make it to our office;
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We can assist you out of normal hours as well as during our regular business hours.

Our team will help you to get through your legal matter with as little stress and hassle as possible.  Please let our team know how you prefer to have your legal services delivered.


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