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Family Law, Separation & Divorce

Family is the closest relationship we have in life. When it is disrupted, it creates havoc and undue stress. During the difficult time of divorce, child custody or property settlement, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and confused. Our caring Wollongong family lawyers can help you through this trying time.

Our seasoned Family Lawyers in Wollongong will provide the necessary support so you can make the transition through this challenging period by providing an efficient and affordable service. We will work to you get the best results by helping to minimise the trauma that could leave a lasting negative impression on your relationships, especially those with your beloved children.

Wollongong Family Lawyers Practice Areas

Experience and knowledge are keys to the swift and most economical resolution to family law matters. Wollongong Family Lawyers possesses these qualities and is your best choice for competent representation and sound legal guidance on family law matters of:

  • Divorce and its Financial Implications
  • Negotiations on Out of Court Agreements
  • Business Related Issues
  • Spousal and/or Child Support
  • Parental Arrangements
  • Enforcement of Pre and Post-Nuptial Agreements

Get Legal Guidance in Wollongong

You can rest assured that our Family Lawyers in Wollongong sincerely listen to your needs and provide individualised legal guidance. They will take you through each step as you seek to move toward a happy life you truly deserve.

Wollongong Family Lawyers can provide you with simplified and cost-effective legal assistance with realistic time frames.

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